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Kina Repp DVDKina Repp's presentation is now available on DVD. Running time is 60 minutes the DVD includes a 30 minute choice as well. This is a great compliment to any safety DVD collection. The DVD can be used for safety meetings, new hires, or for employees that missed Kina's live presentation. This DVD is not meant to replace Kina's live presentation but with limited budgets it is a cost effective way to bring her dynamic story into your workplace.

Kina Repp’s message combines the seriousness of her gripping story with a unique blend of humor that will educate and inspire your workers. Her commitment to safety and ability to drive home the point that accidents impact the lives of everyone around a victim have been well received all over the country.

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“We will never forget your resilience, bravery, intelligence, sense of humor and devotion to safety.” --Derrick

“Kina was a wonderful speaker. Beautiful, strong and brave. She relives her story so that others can benefit.” --Vennessa

With amazing impact, Kina’s DVD presentation “Surviving and Thriving” will captivate your employees and reinforce your company’s safety message in a unique and unforgettable way. No one can deliver this tough message with the grace and heart of Kina. Encourage and inform your workers today!


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Video Clip

The below video clips shows a little about her story and samples of her speaking.

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