Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Kina Repp - motivational and inspirational speakerAlthough she had lost her arm as the result of her accident, she didn’t lose her incredible zest for life. Kina leads a very productive and fulfilling life today, with an attitude that keeps her surviving and thriving in her world without limits.

Kina’s fight for survival began the moment she found herself caught in a moving conveyor belt. The fact that Kina is alive today to tell her story is a living testament to her strong determination and amazing attitude. Success as a human being is not a matter of luck or fate. It's about developing a positive attitude towards life regardless of circumstances.

Kina's message addresses the importance of training, safety procedures, and a great attitude that can keep you and the people around you safe. You should never underestimate the power you have to change someone's life.

Kina's Motivation and Inspiration Speeches can:

  • Inspire and motivate audiences
  • Show audiences how to turn adversity into positive energy and success
  • Spread a message of resilience and optimism
  • Grab attention and change lives
  • Demonstrate how to develop a good attitude

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