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Kina article and video from NBC Affiliate, KHQ

(Originally published by NBC Affiliate, KHQ on November 19, 2014) Kina Repp, of Ione Washington, now spends her days traveling around the world to share her story of survival. But, she paid a heavy price to find this job, and her calling.

"There really isn't anything that could've prepared me for what happened because the day that changes your life forever starts out like any other day," explained Kina.

For her, that day was June 23, 1990. And, what Kina calls the "ripple effects" of that day continue to run through her life.

Within the first 40 minutes of her first day on the job at a cannery in a small Alaskan village, the then 20-year-old Kina lost her left arm...Click here to read the full article

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NOTE: This article and video are no longer available on the KHQ website.

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